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Hi Everyone,


I’m Flynn Laker. I am 20 years old and I live in Arrowtown, New Zealand with my Mum and my sister Meg (who goes to university) and dog Hugo. My amazing dad who was also my best friend passed away last year, but I know he's around me in Arrowtown too (he loved it here).

I go to Living Options in Arrowtown who are helping me to become independent with teaching me how to cook and even helped me get a job at one of my favourite places (Remarkable Sweet Shop)! I love my friends and support people there.

I’ve got Down Syndrome, but that’s no big deal because I can do anything. I’ve always wanted to be the boss of my own company.  I started the company in March 2018 with the help of Meg, and my cousins Georgia and Nic Popham. 


Some people said I wasn’t ready to be the boss of my own company but I told them what I always tell people “I was born ready”.


With Flynn’s Sox I’m learning all about all kinds of things, and also donating some money to charities that have helped me along the way, which is sweet.


I do hope you like Flynn’s Sox, and thank you very much if you have bought some - your sox rock.



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